Actuarial Webinar by Ranadey Professional Services
Ranadey Professional Services has been organizing Actuarial Seminars to create awareness regarding the importance of reporting Employee benefit actuarial liability and understanding its intricacies. In continuation to this we had organized a webinar in the last month. This webinar was arranged for HR professionals working on the compilation of data for valuation. We have been receiving requests from our clients on various occasions for organizing interactive sessions to address the queries of the HR departments which arise at the time of compiling the data for actuarial valuation and setting of actuarial assumptions and hence this webinar was organized. The webinar was held on 16th March 2022. The theme of the HR webinar was “Data queries in Actuarial valuation” and the aim was to address various queries of the HR team working on collating the data. This webinar was attended by 115 participants who belonged to prominent companies. The sessions were followed by discussions between the attendees and the presenters, and several aspects of an actuarial report were also discussed and clarified. We received extremely encouraging feedbacks from the attendees.