Work From Home…WFH is the abbreviation that has gained immense popularity during COVID19 era. In this modern world all the employers are looking for the best employees they can get, and fortunately distance is no longer the hinderance in the selection. Who had thought that the potential candidates while selecting the employer would be interested in knowing if WFH option is offered! This shows that WFH option has become a new normal in office culture. Sometimes the best employees as picked up by the employers may not be in commuting distance of the office. In the past that would mean the employee would have to move or find a new job. But the situation has changed after COVID19. In the past couple of years whole world has experienced that the employee need not be physically present in the office to work. He/ she can work remotely yet achieve the same results. If employers want to attract the best talent and keep their current employees happy, they may want to implement remote work option for their company. Employers may experience lower turnover rates when offering remote work. With a non-remote company, employers need to pay for building rent, utilities, office supplies, tea/coffee supplies etc. WFH can lead to a reduction in overhead costs.

It is observed that WFH culture can work smoothly as desired only with the cooperation and understanding from all the team members. As always people are a major part of this. If a team is not willing to work with its members who work remotely, they can lose those remote workers, even if they’re key players. Flexibility is a major part of having remote workers on your team. It must always be remembered that remote workers are still a part of
the team and involving them equally is the responsibility of the other team members, even when they’re not in the office.

One of the biggest perks of remote work is greater flexibility. With the ability to work remotely, employees can take advantage of this by working from home and creating a flexible schedule to take care of work and personal responsibilities. When someone has a good work-life balance, they’re able to allocate their time so they don’t overwork and can focus on other aspects of their life like family, friends, hobbies, or social activities. Who doesn’t desire this?

But with this flexibility sometimes comes increased pressure and responsibility. If you are not working your normal time, you may not get enough time with your team members which may put you under pressure spending more time online. Second very important aspect is responsibility. Eleanor Roosevelt had said, “Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility.’’ WFH facility is the kind of freedom that an employee is expected to be using with responsibility. Moonlighting is something that is picked up amid WFH. Moonlighting essentially means taking up more than one job typically without employer’s knowledge. IT companies are mainly facing this problem and some companies have applied strict measures to deal with it.

Finally, it’s a joint effort from both employers and employees. If employers can offer this flexibility to employees and if it is used with the sense of responsibility by employees; then definitely it can create a win-win situation for both