When we talk abou employee benefits there are many things come in our mind liek leave encashment, graduity, post retirement plan, pension scheme etc. Liability is generally required to the value for the liability and expense which will because of gratuity and leave encashment that will be beneficial for the employees. it’s benefit to employee as many types:

  • Leave encashment actuarial valuation
  • Provident Fund
  • Pension plan
  • Provision for leave encashment actuarial valuation of liability
  • Compensated absences
  • Bonus plan
  • Vacation leave
  • Solvency margin insurance India
  • Actuarial projections India
  • Warrantee valuation India
  • Reward point valuation India

Result of actuarial valuation as per provision of AS 15:

  • Benefits in balance sheet of company
  • Benefits in company’s P&L account

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